Fused by 8

Premiered 2009

Length: 12:30

Dancers: 8

Muisc: Black Violin

Lighting: Kam Hobbs

Costumes: Katarina Engowyskaya



“In Fused By 8, (2009), the sculpted musicality of Immanuel Naylor’s powerful opening and closing solos, set to Bach’s Brandenburg #3, framed the musically diverse full-company piece, exploring a bound world of curved space ready to explode. Lehrer’s movement entered the music so completely as to become its visual realization. Challenging unseen spatial constraints, tightly-wound, high-force group trajectories embodied Bach’s musical complexity and integrated the urgency of “Black Violin’s” jazz variations.  Lehrer grapples with this theme in the breath-taking duet section in which Jennifer Huffman and Joseph Roth defy the limits of body and balance in daring horizontal and off-center vertical lifts. The ensemble’s entrances and exits build a fugue of musical and movement motifs combining on-a-dime transitions from floor to standing to seemingly weightless flight. Quantum leaps and surprise shifts of effort and flow highlight Lehrer’s work .”

- Lynn Shapiro, Dance Writer and Chicago correspondent for Dance Magazine

“Lehrer’s work exploded from the outset in a fury of contemporary ballet movement executed by eight dancers who pitched and rocked their torsos forward and back into straight-legged extensions that rapidly flowed into quick turns and pirouettes. Lehrer’s dancers bounced, glided and somersaulted their way on and off the stage in bursts of brisk movement. Signature Lehrer in its power and intense physicality,  Fused by 8 was a choreographically solid and engaging work.

-Buffalo News


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